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Serving the Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Magical and Psychic Community for over 26 years.

We've been at the same magical location for 17 years in Historical Old Hillsboro Pines.

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    Janice is the owner of the Cosmic Salamander, Inc., an online and physical store located in Coconut Creek Florida, in the historical old "HillsBoro Pines". She has been psychic since birth and has studied most disciplines of divination and the occult sciences. Her favorite tools are the Tarot & Astrology. She has 37 years experience as a professional psychic and has been doing readings since she could talk.

She lives and works in South Florida with her cats. Janice is a psychic, teacher, lecturer, and author. She tames and rehabilitates feral cats. Her degrees are in psychology and she has 8 years experience working in psychiatry. She welcomes questions of all types. The typical ten minute
reading includes a general reading covering 4 weeks, three months and six month and there is always time for a few questions. Her answers are fast and concise.

For an Astrological chart, she needs your birthdate, time and place or if you would like an Astrological reading on a thing or event, a Horary chart can be erected based on the time you ask.

Janice provides the tools you need to live the life you want, share the Secret.

Janice's Psychic Bio:

Janice has been doing readings since she started talking. Born into a family of psychics, being able to do readings and know the future was a part of every day life.. Each morning her grandmother started the day reading coffee grounds (she didn't like tea) and telling everyone what the high point of the day would be. Janice remembers her grandmother saying her father would be coming in by plane one morning and her mother contradicting it. Grandmother became angry and for the first time let them look in the cup. In the bottom of the cup the coffee grounds had formed the outline of an airplane with one window over the wing of the plane. Janice's father always sat in the tail of the plane. Sure enough, that afternoon he arrived unexpectedly and when questioned admitted he arrived late at the airport because he hadn't intended to come home so soon and had to take the only available seat: over the wing! As soon as Janice's aunts found out she had the gift and could tell what anyone was doing they began to use her to collect gossip. That offence has quickly punished and Janice went on to learn more useful things like how to communicate with the fairies that help the gardens grow and with spirits.

Around five, Janice was moved to Texas where her parents employed a babysitter named Aunt Lupe. Knowing no Spanish, they were unaware she was actually a Bruja. Soon Aunt Lupe discovered Janice was facinated with her cards and allowed her to lay out another deck of cards next to her layouts. She was double dipping as a psychic reader while babysitting. She discovered Janice's layouts were more accurate and began just reading her cards. Then she discovered Janice had learned to read the cards and they became a profitable partnership as Janice spoke little Spanish at the time and Lupe translated. Her parents were none the wiser.

A couple of years later Janice was moved to Cuba, where her nanny and various servants exposed her to VooDoun & Santeria. It quickly became apparent she was very powerful They were unaware her abilities came from the simple fact she was a Druid by birth, descended from a long like of Scotts Druids. It was at this time, people began to identify her as a healer and come up on streets of Havana and ask just to touch her. Her parents still had learned little Spanish and had no idea what was really going on. They thought the attraction was her reddish blond hair and fair skin. Although able to heal, it is not an art Janice has ever really wanted practice.

Exposed to all these wonderful ideas and methods including the Mormon religion by their prophet, Janice began seeking more information and knowledge. With an IQ off the scales at that time, she quickly learned most disciplines eventually gaining two degrees in psychology with a minor in Medieval Literature, with post graduate work in experimental psychology. She worked her way through college as a biofeedback therapist and hypnotherapist in a psychiatric office, often counseling the patients under supervision as they trusted her more than the more "professionals" not to judge them. Often she discovered the patients weren't so much "crazy" as having psychic experiences that were scaring them and defying conventional explanations.

Janice has always had a very practical approach to the psychic and psychology - If it works, use it! Janice is a very fast reader, who concentrates on the practical and gets to the point quickly. She was the most popular psychic online with 900 services with the customers, but not with the owners as she read too fast and didn't hold the customers on long enough. She didn't need to!

Janice also does a variety of other readings using systems of divination that may appeal to you more than the regular Tarot Cards or Astrology. Don't worry. Even though she goes very fast on regular readings, she will explain what the card or other item used is and means. For example on the Druid Animal Oracle she will tell what animal is drawn and what it means in the spread.

For astrological readings you must provide your date, time and place of birth.