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They say the eyes are the windows into the soul. We are sure he has one in Cyber Space somewhere.

Druid King normally only reads for other Psychics, or for Technical and Business matters. He is tapped into many worlds and always getting new inventions and ideas from the other and sometime Dark side. Business or new Marking and Product Concepts or reviews $500.00 per hour.

 Business Questions and path guidance answers are $15.oo / minute  minimun  15 minute session.  Please have questions prepared in advance   (Saves time and money).

If no one else is available he may agree to do "Soul Pattern Readings" (tm)  for you.  Cost $35.00 and takes about 10 minutes (No Business  or Technical questions please).

Loki, Solstice, Ra and Isis are all available for in-house petting. Catnip is appreciated and salmon even more!  

For something really unique, ISIS or Ra, the real Bosses at the Cosmic Salamander will team up with Janice to give you a Cat reading, no joke the cats are quite good at it. Call or write Janice for details.