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We are north of Hillsboro Blvd. just slightly off to the east of 441 or State Road 7.  Turn east off 441 onto 76 Place and follow the curving road. You will see a yellow two story building, a parking lot and then a lot of trees behind a small paved parking lot with a black iron fence, arbor and faery tower (it used to be a huge sign post). We are really back there in a two story grey building. You have to come own the pathway and watch out for the iguanas. They have been known to fall out of the trees on cold days.  If you pass the Cell Phone Tower, you have gone too far. We are right on the Hillsboro Canal in Broward County north..the very last street in Broward County North. 

I am visual person. This is the view of the shop from the street. The Vanwitch is usually parked in that space. Notice you really can't see the building.

You will come up to the first gate and still might not see the building!

As you make the first curve at the huge double pine tree, the building comes into view with the second archway.

At the second archway you can see the entrance. Now, don't panic if I open the door before you knock. You have been on camera since you drove onto the street!  You can also watch your car in the parking lot while you are getting your reading or shopping.