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Oh, it's not up on the web, but we have the largest selection of Tarot Cards and kits and minerals you will find anywhere in the store. We also are growing quite a herbal section for magickal uses. Just ask!!!

I am doing the happy dance! I know you love pictures. Everyone loves pictures.I am Tarotlady on Facebook. Now we have straight links to my personal page on Facebook:

AND to the shop page on Face book:

The Forecast and Faery Finder are published on my main profile page, the shop page has all sorts of pictures and product information, all you need is to be a fan and get automatic updates of what is happening at the shop or become my friend and learn what I am doing. - Janice Scott-Reeder

"Will this be Cash, Charge or Magick?" asks Loki, guardian of all shop money. Loki is the trickster God and this Loki is just a representative. He is tied to all other tricksters who can appear in any form they desire. As any person, Norse, Native American, Wicca, Celtic, Druidic, etc... will  tell you, never mess with the Trickster....

Last edited 08-18-2010   Web-Masters   Lady Janice & TDK with help from the CATs of course! New Products added 08-18-2010.        Patchouli and Sandalwood oils are now in stock. Look under Magickal Oils - Original Products...they are wonderful. We also have Patchouli Perfume in under Magical Perfumes. It contains patchouli root and thus is sweeter than the normal partchouli oil made from the leaves and not as "musty" smelling. Herbal baths are now in. Our little money and court case pyramids are getting rave reviews. The coffin nails are in. New baths, including Anna Riva's Hyssop Bath are in stock. Enjoy....  We also have a new athame in not yet added to the on-line shopping.

Loki has finally accepted the new register and it will go into operation in April. By the way, that's my wand he has! Got to watch those cats, they'll claim anything.

It all started in Egypt when someone promoted them to gods and they've never forgotten........must get salmon....what was the question again?  

Loki and the Bitwit show off their Yule present: a new cat tree from Costco!  

Check out my Facebook page under Janice Scott-Reeder and you will find brand new pictures of the shop, cats, faery garden and the new natural altar we found plus the daily Forecast and Faery Finder! You will even find a link to join the new Cosmic Salamander page as a fan! Information about the free "find a job" spell for next week is there!  Check out my Myspace page. I am just now getting that one up.

Want to know what is happening at the Salamander. You only get a very narrow view, but you get to see the cat tree! I am behind counter so you seldom see me but some times strange things are going on....Anyway....This is the link to our web cam. Slowly, more web cams will come on line as we work on the getting more band width for the web pages. Don't panic...the web cam isn't up all the time at night, but it is running most of the time in daylight hours.  Want to know what Janice is up to, get your forecast and see what fae are about? Visit her blog.

Then Loki outsourced part of his cash register duties to Bitwit. She won't even let me in the register. She bites fingers....Then Bitwit outsourced part of her duties to Solstice so she and Loki can share the tree! Solstice is sooooo big he takes up the whole register....  

If you have been trying to reach the shop and not getting me, here is what happened. I had been going to a dermatalogist who pronounced 2 skin cancers on my face cured. When one started bleeding I went to a new doctor who had me biopsied and scheduled for Mohl Surgery so fast my eyeballs were still spinning. Mohl Surgery is the only way to be certain you have gotten all the cancer out. The cancer was too extensive and I had all the novacaine they could administer, so I was sent out to a cosmetic surgeon and three days later I was in an operating room where the cancer was found to be huge. Folks, a tiny spot on your skin can be hiding a huge basal cell carcinoma. It took all his skill to close the area and I still have to have the second one removed. So, I am out healing with more stitches than you ever want to have. He had to open lines on my scalp to loosen the skin to close the forehead. It is a mess but I have an accidental half face lift. You have to find something positive in things like this or you just keep screaming. The shipping of products is still going fine..George can pack boxes and take things off shelves but I am not doing any readings because I am in pain and on medication. I do not trust my senses on medication and I am not going to waste your time and your money on a reading when I am not in top form. So even though I may be at the shop, I am not doing any work. Thanks for understanding...

UPDATE: I am not at the shop regularly, but I am cleared for activity and work so expect me soon. I am updating the web site as I can. Pentagram boxes are on order and some will arrive shortly.  Janice  

We caught an ORB on camera. George says it was 3 - 4 feet in diameter and was sweeping back and forth across the sidewalk. In the better picture you can actually see all the little orbs in the big one! It was visible in the infrared zone only.      We have become orb central at the shop and some have even become visible to the naked eye inside the store! They have learned to freeze the cameras and then release them. We are hoping to get some videos up on youtube for you eventually since our orb footage is actually moving. We have no idea what they are, but they are fun to watch. Over the last two years we have learned a lot about the Orbs. We will soon take the Orb Monitoring project to You Tube.

BREAKING NEWS: A white commercial van has joined the Cosmic staff. Yes, we are now very mobile and will move farther, in distance, with our tents and weekend vending as soon as the Kitwits are old enough to be left alone for the weekend. Janice really loves her van and being waaay bigger than most everything on the road. Fortunately with today's fuel costs, she never drives very far in the intervening time thus reducing our carbon footprint.

MORE NEWS: The front yard of the shop is getting a make-over with a lovely Gothic inspired wrought iron fence ala New Orleans. It is almost finished.

The Faery Garden is finished and is located behind the human garden in the front. Pictures are on Facebook under Janice Scott-Reeder. Now work has begun on the Natural Altar and I am giving it my all in preparation for the Spring Equinox. The Spring Equino rains cleaned the stones nicely and the altar is ready for workings.  This is also where we charge up everything with ORD Energy as it is very close to ORB Portal.

There is never a charge for healing requests. Just check on the healing item in the menu on the left.

Our Store Hours are by appointment only. Tuesday through Saturday 2PM - 6 PM we are usually there answering the phone. Please call first before coming in for readings.  Things happen and normally those things are furry. You have no idea how much destruction they can cause when they figure out I am on my way to the shop. I usually go outside around 5 PM to work on the gardens and altar so you may not be able to reach me at that time. The good news is I am staying later with Daylight Savings Times as I have more time to garden!

Now that is relaxation. That is bliss. That is joy. Bitwit takes the day off.

Yes, we are often, more than often, here, like most of the time. However, I really, really like to get some sleep. By the way, the guy on left runs the complaint Department at the Salamander.

Remember "Bob" from the Dresdin Files? Well not only do we have the skull but stay tuned for the HAND! The Hand is up for sale! 

This is our 30th year serving the Psychic, Pagan and Magical Community

We are dedicated to bringing the best in psychic services and products.

Thank you for visiting our newest Internet site. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our offers. A new content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date.

At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible. At this point we can provide you with information regarding psychic readings and some products. The emphasis of our site is on the responsible use of Magick, Tarot, Astrology and Crystals for self improvement and healing. If this topic is of interest to you check this site frequently, please. We are constantly updating it. It will never be completely finished. We all know that....

In the meantime you can reach us at 954-698-6926 and by fax at 954-698-9706.  We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address:

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 1981 and had been responsible for providing outstanding psychic services and products ever since. Our specialty is in the area Druidism, Wicca, Hoodoo, Astrology and Tarot. Our regular customers particularly value our experience and rapid turn around of services. Our business is located at 5631 NW 77 Court, Coconut Creek, FL 33073. We are open by appointment. Please phone. You don't have to buy anything. We have limited space in the showroom and can only allow 2 people in at a time. So, your visit has be scheduled.

Drop by and see us and the cats!

Oh and all the wild iguanas.......we even have escapees from Butterfly World -sure they deny it but where else do these weird butterflies come from, lizards and salamanders of all varieties, fish in the shop, plants and the elusive but entertaining thorn bugs. A baby armadillo has joined the outside grouping of a possum and raccoon who lives in one of the palm trees.

And our Astral Salamander has come to visit the new web site!

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